A peek into the technology that helps us match our clients with experts

Get your unique and diversified insights on demand with DeepBench.

The expert network business is, at its core, very simple. Clients need insights that are in-depth, specific, and otherwise difficult to access. We deliver that insight by connecting them with niche experts, whom we source and match for each specific project.

But finding the best experts to match with each project isn’t easy. Traditionally there’s a huge amount of manual searching, vetting, outreach, and human-to-human interaction involved. As a result, it’s historically a white-glove service, where expert networks often keep as much as seventy percent of the price paid by the client.

Today, expert networks deliver this service with some…

Choosing a vendor to alleviate pain points or enhance strengths in your company is key in its success.

Here’s a look inside our Operations Team: how we analyze, compare, and decide on new vendors.

DeepBench itself is evaluating and re-evaluating vendors all the time. In just the past year, we’ve evaluated software that impacts our: sales lead generation, QA testing, load testing, email marketing, accounting, along with many others.

All this considered, we would like to share some tips on how we evaluate vendors.

  1. Price Tag
Connecting strategy, product and investment leaders with experts from any industry, role or geography.

There is a lot riding on your upcoming expert call.

You are under a strict deadline. The success of your deliverable or an upcoming decision depends on this expert’s perspective. Budget could be tight. Likely it is a combination of all three and more…

DeepBench works with hundreds of clients to book thousands of expert consultations every year. Over the years we have distilled some insights on how to get the most out of expert calls. Below please find our top 5 best practices.

1. When launching the project — share complete project detail with us

Your expertise is incredibly valuable to many businesses. As a DeepBench advisor, that expertise has been validated and proven in the market.

By adding this experience with DeepBench to your LinkedIn profile, you can further substantiate your personal brand and industry authority.

We suggest the following copy for your profile:


  • Expert Advisor or
  • Expert Advisor: _____ (insert focus industry)


  • DeepBench is an Expert Network founded out of MIT. DeepBench helps businesses derive insight by connecting them with individual experts.
  • Expert Advisor for DeepBench, providing consultative services to clients on an as-needed basis
  • Areas of expertise include X, Y, and Z

Follow the screenshots below to add DeepBench experience to your profile.

Login to Linkedin and access your profile.

The world has changed for everyone — not least of all UX and Design Researchers.

As your needs become more dynamic, and interviewee constraints more rigid, evolving your processes and technology are the only ways to fill the gaps.

This broad dynamic directly snapped into focus within the world of user interviews during the work-from-home revolution.

Regardless of where you stand on the efficacy of remote work, we have all been forced to adapt and leverage various new tools and systems to achieve our needed outcomes. (Image from Vecteezy)

Who we are and what we do:

DeepBench is an expert network. While you may not be familiar with that term, interestingly, a large percentage of our customers come from the design research world!

In short, we leverage proprietary technology to recruit professionals for…

Our goal is to become the go-to tool that people visit to learn professional insights that aren’t easily discoverable via Google.


DeepBench began in early 2017 at MIT as a tech-enabled expert network. (Forbes)

Our core strategy has always been and continues to be:

1. To bring down the cost of supplying knowledge;

2. To drive more engagements where knowledge is exchanged; and

3. To generate more data that further enables #1

We are well on our way in fortifying this feedback loop. …

At DeepBench, we are a small business preparing for a potential economic downturn, and we empathize with the millions of professionals in the world feeling uncertain about the future. And perhaps there is a way that we can help one another.

One way for you as an individual to supplement your income in this environment is to try freelance consulting gigs.

This is the core business model of DeepBench. Click here for a sample of our consulting opportunities.

Sample of our consulting opportunities

What we can offer you is simple:

· Thousands of professionals like you across every industry, geography and specialty have joined our…

In 1995 Jeff Bezos could have started Amazon by selling any product, but he chose to sell books for two reasons: 1) high number of SKUs and 2) low storage costs.

Question: What has infinite SKUs, and zero storage costs?

Answer: Expert knowledge.

A modified version of this article first appeared in Integrity Research.

What are expert networks?

Expert networks are a marketplace for knowledge.

The core product is a paid 1 hour phone call between a customer (often an investor or a consultant) and an industry professional with several years of experience.

There are variations: 30 minute calls, video…

Last month, we updated DeepBench’s mission statement & cultural values.

I am excited to share this with the world, as I believe that this will help us attract & retain high caliber individuals over the long run.

First, let us start with our mission statement.

Next, we have 6 core values:

1. Focus on users.

2. Act like an owner.

3. Seek learning.

4. Earn trust.

5. Show conviction.

6. Be ambitious.

I’m going to share some thoughts for #3 and #5 in particular to explain what makes DeepBench unique.

#3 Seek learning

As a company focused on unlocking knowledge…

From the outside, expert networks seem like magic. You send a request to speak to an expert about some obscure industry niche, and they find someone within days, sometimes hours.

How do they do it, you wonder?

Well, DeepBench is here to shed light on this semi-opaque industry. (We operate a tech-enabled expert network that has been around for 3+ years. We are growing rapidly and hiring for multiple roles in Boston — reach out to inquiries@deepbench.io to learn more!)

I’ll talk a bit about our practices, and compare them to what our competitors do.

Identifying your needs

To make sure we find…


DeepBench delivers insight. We help businesses make better informed decisions by connecting them with expert advisors from any industry, geography, or role.

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